Established in 1964 in a small workshop as a family-run business, Tornilastra Srl grew year after year and gained its reputation in the northern Italian metalworking market thanks to a specialized service and attention to detail.

With new CNC machinery and newly employed staff, in 1996 the company relocated to a larger facility in the newly-built industrial area of Presezzo where, since then, the production department works together with a sales and marketing department in constant development.

Today, fifty years after its establishment, Tornilastra Srl is a young (34 year-old is the average age of the staff) and dynamic company, fully internationalized and always focused on innovation.

We manufacture and supply parts to customers worldwide, from small businesses to corporations, and we support our customers with a technical office and an after sales service in five languages.

Our highly-qualified team is able to combine the finest craftsmanship tradition, with a state-of-the-art technology for series productions.

We strongly believe that tradition and innovation can and have to coexist. Our main strength is precisely that of being able to combine the flexibility and the manual skills of the craftsmanship tradition, with the speed  of execution and precision required by CNC series productions.

With the know-how we acquired in over fifty years of experience in metal spinning, we are able to manufacture prototypes, components and parts of high quality.

By being flexible in terms of manufacturing, we can comply with both small and large quantity productions, while keeping laser focused on our mission: to supply our customers all over the world with spun parts of the best mechanical and aesthetic quality, from the best raw material to a flawless finishing.

Customer satisfaction means cooperation for us.

That’s why we work closely with our clients since the earliest stages of production, from prototyping to delivery, and we offer technical advice and support when needed.