Filtration and ventilation

A wide range of end caps for filters, housings for vacuum pumps and more


Spun parts are in high use in the filtration industry, from end caps and bottoms for filter cages to more complex components such as housings for vacuum parts.

The filtration industry is our core-business, and we are able to advise customers on the best material and proper thickness to opt for.

Along with spinning, we offer ancillary services such as drilling, electric welding, beading etc.


Some examples:

  • End caps (open/closed, with/without holes). Over 30 standard designs available made of raw carbon steel, zinc electroplated carbon steel, stainless steel;
  • Covers, caps and parts for filter cartridges, water filter, gas filters, air filters, compressors, oil filters, and more;
  • Housings for vacuum pumps;
  • Rings and ferrules for perforated sheet metal;
  • Housings for dry air filters;
  • Parts for ventilation systems;
  • Nozzles and parts for air filters and oil mist collectors;
  • Bottoms and parts for oil mist separators;
  • Collars and flanges (with 3mm maximum thickness).