BoltShield® - metal protection caps for bolts and nuts

Our special line of products designed to protect bolts and nuts against damage and corrosion.


BoltShield® is a line of metal caps designed and developed by Tornilastra Srl in order to protect bolts and nuts against accidental thread damage and dirt, and to prevent corrosion.

By using BoltShield® caps you will extend the life of bolts and nuts, and make maintenance and repair procedures easier and faster.

BoltShield metal protection caps are widely used in refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG plants, offshore platforms, steel structures. You can find BoltShield caps to protect bolts on valves, pipelines, traffic sign posts, bridges, wind turbines and several other applications where bolts and nuts need to be protected.

BoltShield caps are available made of stainless steel (304/316), aluminium, carbon steel, zinc electroplated carbon steel, and are supplied for bolt sizes ranging from ½” to 6”, M12 to M100.