Our products

Metal spinning is a suitable metal forming process for the manufacturing of parts used in several industries, the most common being lighting, filtration, furnishing, and many more.


With over fifty years of experience, we have manufactured, and are still manufacturing, parts for the automotive, street furniture, agriculture and household industries, internal parts for machinery and more.


We specialize in producing bespoke and tailor-made parts by working closely with our customers in order to offer the best quality solution (in terms of raw material, thickness and finishing) at the very best price.


Here below we listed just some of the main industries we supply parts for, in order to give an idea of our production range:


Quality and brilliance for your designs.   Metal spinning is a process in high use within the lighting industry, as it allows the manufacturing of bespoke parts having smooth even surfaces, with minimum thickness, at very reasonable prices. The finished product is of extreme quality, and the ultimate finishing touch gives shininess and brilliance to the external surface. Metal ...

Filtration and ventilation

A wide range of end caps for filters, housings for vacuum pumps and more   Spun parts are in high use in the filtration industry, from end caps and bottoms for filter cages to more complex components such as housings for vacuum parts. The filtration industry is our core-business, and we are able to advise customers on the best material and proper thickness to opt for. Along wit...

BoltShield® - metal protection caps for bolts and nuts

Our special line of products designed to protect bolts and nuts against damage and corrosion.   BoltShield® is a line of metal caps designed and developed by Tornilastra Srl in order to protect bolts and nuts against accidental thread damage and dirt, and to prevent corrosion. By using BoltShield® caps you will extend the life of bolts and nuts, and make maintenance and re...

Venturis for filter cages

More than 40 designs of venturis made of aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel.   Tornilastra Srl was ONE OF THE FIRST METAL SPINNING COMPANIES IN ITALY to specialize in the MANUFACTURE AND SUPPLY OF VENTURI FOR FILTER CAGES within the filtration industry. We are proud to have contributed to the development of venturis which are standard nowadays. With over forty years of ex...

Electric immersion heaters

Aluminium caps for immersion heaters.   In the electrical industry, we specialize in the production of aluminium caps for immersion heaters. We offer a catalogue including a complete range of cap sizes, from 1” to 2”1/2. Caps with larger or smaller or tailor-made sizes are also available.

Design & furnishing

Table bases, chair feet and more.   Several spun parts are complements for internal design and furnishing, from table bases to brass-made chair feet for old-style design and classical chairs.

Mechanics and machinery components

Bespoke parts at a low price.   Metal spinning is a valuable resource for low-cost manufacturing of a range of machinery components such as protective carters, rings, bottoms, covers and internal parts.

Household and cookware

Pots, pans and kitchen bowls.   In the household and cookware sector we manufacture: Pans, pots and saucepans; Milk boiling pans; Baking pans; Stainless steel mixing bowls; Shakers.